Notice: Is it dead?

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Presented by Constantine Karbaliotis

Getting beyond privacy notices and consent.

  • problems with privacy notices
  • require legal approval
  • Europe is tighter on notice
  • no one reads privacy notices
  • companies may have multiple privacy notices, multiple jurisdictions and languages to consider
  • is notice dead? no one reads them
  • notices are there for when something goes wrong and lawyers and judges read them
  • more important to act reasonably
  • people don’t read notices; they just get upset when you do something with their data which they feel is unreasonable
  • increasingly moving to a concept of a social contract
  • notice is a dated concept because it is pre-internet
  • US economy very┬álitigious
  • everyone agrees that no one really reads privacy notices
  • notice versus legal governing document
  • US requires companies to provide notice, but companies indicate in notice that they’ll do anything they want with the data
  • Canadian notices mostly just reiterate PIPEDA
  • if privacy is a right, you can’t write a contract that alienates you from that right
  • common language required for notice which is accessible
  • how to instill trust in the company? Trustee seal?
  • collection notices versus information usage notices
  • people should know what information is being collected, how it’s used, and how you can stop the information from being collected
  • “notice at the point of collection”

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