Privacy and Being Social: In life vs Online?

Liveblogged Julianna | 19 June 2010 | 0 Comments

Presented by Luc St. Laurent

  • how are people social and how do they interact in the real world? how to apply this to the online world?
  • why is it that online we can’t do what we do in real life
  • we are taught to behave differently depending on who is around us
  • different aspects of a person’s personality is shared with different audiences/social groups
  • what’s the concept of identity? –> starts at a young age and changes over time
  • expectations of social behaviour in different situations
  • what about social protocols online?
  • in real life, you know who is listening; online, you don’t know who listens
  • should the online community be the way it is now? should it be open?
  • eavesdropping on Twitter – we can’t always know who’s listening
  • Facebook privacy settings –> trickle effect of information and the settings
  • most people aren’t actively monitoring their privacy settings on social networks
  • self-censorship is key first step
  • need to define what is public space and information
  • information being “leaked” is sometimes not the full picture
  • many stories these days of people losing jobs due to information being leaked
  • how far are companies allowed to go to get information? we have more control over in-life information sharing versus online sharing
  • companies need more protocols around information gathering online
  • information online is often presented out of context
  • when there is so much information and no context, how can we put context around the information?
  • not sure if we can; the information constantly changes
  • how can we put context on something like microblogging and small bits of information, versus a single conversation
  • people need to research information rather than taking sound bites at face value; but everything wants information quickly
  • some online conversations are so fleeting–how to understand them if you are not a participant?
  • building profile of a person off bits of information versus putting context on the information
  • people act differently within different existing networks; people build new networks and social behaviour online
  • what happens when people don’t have many real life personalities to separate online?

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