Privacy Law & The Internet

Liveblogged Julianna | 19 June 2010 | 2 Comments

Presented by Julianna Yau

  • lag in privacy legislation versus emerging technologies
  • minority government impact
  • problems with integrating specific technologies with legislation
  • do we feel the law protects our privacy, even without taking the internet into account?
  • do companies abide by PIPEDA now? examples that they don’t
  • companies use legalese to trick people into giving consent for things they don’t want to give
  • law doesn’t protect – it is reactive
  • companies are “oopsing” all over the place — where’s the accountability?
  • is there any accountability within companies to be proactive about privacy?
  • issues of ownership of data — is it yours because it is information about you, or does the entity that took your data own it because they are storing it and/or have been provided the data
  • companies need to understand privacy and think about why they need to collect information
  • some people don’t like all the security layers
  • people want choice of information being provided for security
  • someone was able to create a fake identity (there is a Wired article about this)
  • issues of privacy and globalization – our laws only apply within Canada
  • Rogers One Bill – problems with implementation
  • paying for privacy – not technically legal, but phone companies charge for private listings

2 Responses on “Privacy Law & The Internet”

  1. John M says:

    Law needs to focus on principles. It can’t try to keep up with every technology change – it will always fail, and might even restrict the development of new approaches.

  2. Julianna says:

    You’re absolutely right, John. The challenge seems to be that many changes in legislation these days are unable to separate themselves with technology.

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