PrivacyCampTO: just over a week away!

Announcements luke | 10 June 2010 | 0 Comments

PrivacyCampTO is now just over a week a away, and we’re very excited about the day that is starting to take shape!

We’re really looking forward to some lively discussions, given some of the recent changes in the privacy landscape–a groundswell of concern about Facebook’s ever-changing policies leading to “Quit Facebook” days; allegations of personal information being shared between various social media sites and their advertisers; and Google being accused of illegally collecting information about wi-fi networks in several countries.

Thanks to the generous support of the the EDGE Lab at Ryerson and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, we’ve secured a great space, an excellent facilitator, and refreshments to get us through the day. Whether you’re a casual user looking for information on how your personal information is being shared and how you can open or restrict your online profiles, or whether you’ve got a project you’d like to share or issue you’d like to talk about, please join us! If you want to speak or have a topic you’d like to see addressed, please be sure to add it to our wiki–the schedule is really starting to take shape, but we’ll be sure to leave room for additions and changes the day of the event. And of course, be sure to register!

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