Afternoon Sessions

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[2:50 PM]

Session Topics

Singpolyma – Using code and architecture to promote privacy and how laws are insufficient

Heather – Missing persons and privacy

Melanie – Use of cool social spaces (Facebook, Twitter) as creepy treehouses

Paul – Geotagging on Twitter, location privacy

Kate – Connection between autonomy and privacy, especially with children and MMO’s (overturning assumption that kids don’t care about privacy)

[4:05 PM]

Session Reports

Privacy and Coding

  • Interested in the technical aspects
  • Privacy laws won’t necessarily protect individuals, good on a grand historical scale for encoding norms
  • You can’t put the genie back in the bottle for privacy violations
  • How do you keep a secret offline? You don’t tell people that you don’t trust, only tell people you trust
  • Endless stream of issues and we agreed there are some usability and design issues, but question of what the bare minimum of coding knowledge to be able to make an informed decision

Missing persons reporting online

  • During emergencies there are apps that people can use to report missing or deceased persons
  • Who is it for? Emergency workers? People on ground? People on other side of the planet?
  • Why would people go to people finder rather than Facebook?
  • When you’re posting information, where is the gate and who is the gatekeeper? How long is the information valid for? How is the information relevant and pertinent?
  • Is the tool even useful?

Creepy treehouse

  • Space that is “fun” (like a treehouse) that becomes unfun when people are monitoring or evaluating people when they are there
  • How can children learn something meaningful, what do children need to know, what rights do they have, how do we advocate for children?
  • How Ryerson students have professors can monitor whether you have opened or read a document
  • Solution would be to invite all the kids
  • Summary provided by @melaniemcbride

Geotagging your tweets

  • Knowing vs. not knowing about what sort of location data you are sharing with the world
  • Whose responsibility is it to let you know what data is being posted
  • Moral and legal obligations of posting this data

Children and privacy and autonomy

  • Clash of cultures between digital immigrants vs. digital natives
  • Needs to be a way to provide feedback

Done for the day! Drinks now!

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