Back from Lunch – Speedgeeking!

Liveblogged Melanie Ching | 19 March 2011 | 1 Comment

[2:30 PM]

Lunch was delicious and vegan and organic, potatoes with carrot, chickpeas, quinoa. We came back to group and pushed the chairs the middle of the room to make way for speedgeeking, which is like speed dating but rather than finding true love we expressed ourselves and challenged ideas.

Topics covered (as per the interpretation of moi):

  • Documentaries on social networking and 14 year olds in downtown Toronto
  • Using things like blogs to help pre-schoolers express themselves
  • GimpGirl overview
  • Multiple literacies (including visual) when it comes to expressing ideas in school
  • Following online participation of children over their life
  • Having legal proceedings sealed versus public
  • Privacy and video games: what are your games and consoles sharing about you?
  • Do 18 year old adults deserve a clean slate when it comes to their online persona?

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  1. [...] affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The paper cranes were handmade by @doggyjelly. After lunch it was time to speedgeek. Speakers sacrificed their voices for the opportunity to give everyone a quick (4 min!) summary and [...]

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