Morning sessions

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[11:40 AM]

Session Topics

Jennifer – Social network that is trying to control your online image

Jennifer – Why privacy is different

Kate – philosophy of Facebook privacy

Melanie – Stigma and three twitter handles

Joanne – Differences between Canada and the USA

[12:30 PM]

Session Reports

Canada & US

  • Canada respects privacy more (legislation, type of information asked)
  • Idea of celebrity and privacy,
  • Canadians tend to police themselves and are more trusting
  • Canada is national, US is state by state (and usually have none)
  • Gmail and such are hosted on US servers
  • As an American have your email hosted on a Canadian or European server

Facebook Philosophy

  • Facebook says it’s open and transparent, it’s not just a public relations statement
  • Facebook is a company and they do owe ROI and money to their shareholders
  • Is openness the driver or money?

Three Twitter handles

  • Boundaries are being blurred between what is private and being public, each person has different sides and different “boxes” or sides to our shape
  • Privacy versus reputation management
  • Creating awareness about tools and providing them to the people who need to use them

Disability and privacy online/offline

  • How parents may or may not see their children with disabilities as someone with rights to privacy
  • The way people with disabilities approach privacy is diverse
  • Lack of agency may be seen as oppressive
  • The internet is a powerful double-edged normalizer for people with disabilities
  • Social model vs. medical model on being disabled online
  • Surprise that there are still non-architectural discrimination going on

  • Closed social network that will solve a lot of privacy issues we’ve discussed
  • Who will join the network if everyone is already on Facebook? Who can you target? (Teachers, police officers, doctors, who have a public profile and cannot participate in the invisible public)
  • Create several personas and share accordingly

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  1. [...] Everyone was encouraged to write down phrases or questions on sticky notes and put them up on the wall. Then the group re-arranged them together and clustered them by broader topics. These topics included global privacy, community, role of government, defining terms, philosophy, children & youth and healthcare. Everyone had a chance to read all of the notes and then we were all encouraged to integrate them into the breakout sessions. A more in depth description of the morning sessions was captured in the liveblog. [...]

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