PrivacyCampTO 2 – Getting to know each other

Liveblogged Melanie Ching | 19 March 2011 | 1 Comment

[10:00 AM]

Gunner is telling us about our hackable agenda, we are welcoming people to participate in the speedgeeking session this afternoon!


  • Appreciate one another.
  • Listen and learn what other folks are doing.
  • Agree to disagree.
  • Be inclusive: un-specialize your jargon.
  • Please go and meet people.

[10:10 AM]

We’re about to walk the line, time to get interactive…so the liveblogging is on pause while I participate. Watch #privTO on Twitter for those of us who are still using our digital devices even though we should be talking to REAL PEOPLE.

[10:55 AM]

Break time! We just finished off our fancy SPECTROGRAM exercise where we made bold statements and moved along a very analog line of tape on the floor. People changed their minds and found allies. We’re back in a bit!

[11:10 AM]

Kate talks a bit about our theme: Privacy for children, youth and people with disabilities. Yee haw!

We’re gonna start writing on some sticky notes to brainstorm what sorts of things our group is interested in talking about. Yay mind map! When in doubt….crank it out!

[11:25 AM]

It is a mosh pit of love and clustering! We are organizing our sticky notes into thematic clusters. We are all being hunters and gatherers of ideas. The grid is born!

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