How to Handling Cavities

Cavities are one sign of unhealthy teeth. The cause is a plaque, a sticky substance in the mouth that is mostly created due to a pile of germs or bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth diligently convert food to acid. If bacteria, leftovers, saliva, and acids in the mouth join together, get ready for plaque to appear. And the acid in the plaque can then damage the tooth enamel to make cavities.

Cavities usually do not cause pain. However, if the holes in the teeth get bigger, affect the nerves, or cause teeth to break, the story is different. The cavity can also occur after eating cold or hot food or drinks. So that the pain of cavities does not come at any time, it is better to immediately go to the dentist Beaverton OR to treat cavities.

Usually, the doctor will take action depending on how severe your cavities are, such as:

– If the hole in the tooth is still in its initial stage, aka very small, fluoride might be used as a solution to help restore tooth enamel. Do this by rubbing liquid type liquid, foam, gel or varnish into your teeth for a few minutes. Of course, fluoride content in this treatment is more than ordinary toothpaste.

– Crown. For more severe tooth decay or brittle teeth, the doctor is likely to make a crown to replace all natural crowns of the tooth. This fake crown can be made of gold, porcelain, resin, metal fusion porcelain, or other materials.

– The root canal is needed if the decay has reached the inside of the tooth (pulp) or dead nerve. This treatment is done by removing the nerve tissue, blood vessel tissue, and any rotten area on the net. After cleaning, the dentist can do patches or give crowns, so the teeth do not need to be revoked.

– Tooth Extraction. This procedure is done if the decay in the teeth is so severe that it cannot be recovered and must be removed. Pulled teeth will leave spaces or gaps that allow other teeth to shift. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to make a bridge or implant tooth to replace the extracted tooth.

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