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You Might Want To Install These Natural Air Vents At Home

Good air ventilation is intended so that residents can also breathe fresh air from outside the house, but on the other hand, the aesthetic value also needs to be considered to bring the atmosphere of a room. Choosing the right material or material to design a part of the air vent can add to the attractiveness of the look of the house. In the meantime, you can call an expert from Sears Clean Sacramento if you need a professional’s help clean your dirty air vents.

Here are some attractive air ventilation designs for your home:

Natural Light Air Vents

This type of air ventilation usually relies on light and air from outside the house through a gap from the top corner of the house. You can install air vents with the concept of natural light in specific rooms that most need air changes such as kitchens. This type of ventilation only requires glass as a medium that provides lighting and tools that can be flexibly opened and closed.

Costs incurred to embed air ventilation of this type are also not expensive, but the glass absorbs the temperature of the air so that the glass can be through the process of expansion when the air is very hot which causes the glass to break.

Wood Air Vents

Wood air vents are generally combined with indoor doors or windows. Wood as air vents is generally made with panels with each other so that the air or wind that enters is not too much.

Wood panels that are generally used for house ventilation also add an artistic impression to your home, especially if the selection of wood and color is also attractive to give a natural impression.

Air Ventilation From Bamboo

Bamboo is a material that is not as dense as wood so there are still cavities that can flow air, making it suitable to be used as air ventilation material for your dwelling.

The selection of bamboo which is loaded with traditional values as the building blocks of air ventilation and combined with the concept of modernity makes your home different from the others.