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A Simple Living Room Has To Be Functional

Due to the living room being one of the centers of daily activities, then you need to consider aspects of its functionality. Even so, the design of a simple living room must still be made simple, neat, and far from the impression of a mess and narrow. The key to the simple and functional design is to put things in their place and you must keep them organized. Apart from that, if you also want to increase the artistic side of your living room, we recommend you think of buying art for your living room.

For example, you can choose a three-seat sofa and also a wall shelf to save space. A single sofa makes this living room feel comfortable but not too crowded. Placing a bookshelf on a wall with a choice of dark colors will make the bookshelf itself appear to recede from view, giving the impression of a larger, simple living room.

When choosing colors for simple living room decorations, safe colors are neutral colors. Small rooms look best with a palette of three colors and are perfect for all-white decoration schemes. When choosing furniture with larger sizes, such as sofas, floor lamps or bookshelves, stick to the solid colors and colors of real wood. If you can’t use neutral colors in all furniture and simple living room decorations, consider a wall with wallpaper.