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How to Overcome Non-Current Blood Circulation

Non-smooth circulation of blood, usually in the hands and feet area, can trigger a sensation of pins and needles, pain, numbness, to throbbing pain. You can use a https://musclenation.net/blood-flow-optimizer-review/ to overcome that.

Fortunately, the condition of blood circulation is not smooth can be overcome by natural means, such as:

1. Consumption of nutritious foods
Of course, the nutritious food in question is the one with more fruits and vegetables. In addition, you should stay away from salt-laden foods, and saturated fats such as meat, chicken, and cheese.

2. Drink water
Because 50% of blood is water, the body must stay hydrated while on the move. Do not hesitate to drink lots of water, especially for those who actively exercise or when the weather is hot.

3. Stop smoking
Nicotine is an active ingredient in cigarettes. This substance is not only dangerous for the walls of arteries but also makes the blood thicken so it is not easily distributed.

4. More active moves
For those who rarely exercise and don’t have time to gym, try doing yoga at home. Not only does it increase oxygen supply to body cells, but this low-impact exercise can also improve blood circulation to organs, heart, and brain. Other types of exercises that are also good for blood circulation are aerobics, running, walking, swimming, and cardio.

5. Massage
Massage in the right direction is also one way to improve blood circulation. Take a soft brush and then start the body massage from the feet up. Use long movements for the legs and arms, and circle for the abdomen and lower back area. Massaging with a dry brush is also good for dealing with dry skin. Do it every day before bathing.

6. Avoid being in the same position for a long time
Sitting continuously for hours is not only bad for your back, but also smooth circulation. More than that, sitting continuously also makes leg muscles weak and inhibits blood circulation to the legs. So if the profession requires you to sit a long time, consider using a higher table so you can stand while working. That way the valves in the veins can function optimally.