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This Is The Ideal Level Of Humidity Indoors

Unlike the outdoors, the level of humidity in the room is more easily changed, depending on the activities carried out. For example, bathing and washing activities will create a high level of humidity in the room. In the meantime, if your crawl space contributes to the high level of humidity in your house, then we recommend you to call the best crawl space repair company near your area.

While other activities that do not use water and are carried out in air-conditioned rooms will make the room dry due to the nature of the cold air which can only hold a little moisture. Ideally, humidity should be maintained in the range of 45% -64% (RH).

How can we find out if the humidity is too high or low? In general, there are several indicators, namely from what is visible to the eye (fungus on the wall, peeling wall paint), from what is felt by the skin (sweaty or scaly dry skin), and the most accurate is with the help of a moisture level meter, the hygrometer.

Health experts recommend the level of humidity (or so-called Relative Humidity – RH) in the range of 45% – 65%, as an ideal level.