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There Are Tricks To Keep Your House Warm In The Rainy Season

The rainy season has now arrived. Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds, often occurs especially in the afternoon until the afternoon. In some locations, there was even a tornado that ravaged the surrounding buildings. For those of you who don’t have outside activities, spending time indoors can be an option. In the meantime, perhaps you are also interested in buying a gas furnace to raise the temperature of your house, so you can visit furnacebuzz.com and find out about the best furnace that suits your needs.

However, there are times when the atmosphere of the house becomes very cold when it rains. We summarize some ways to keep your home warm without spending a fortune. In fact, you can apply it in just a few minutes.

Here’s how:

Use thicker curtains

Did you know if you have a heat source that can be used all day for free? Yup, sun. During the morning until noon before it rains, open your window wide so that sunlight can easily enter the room. After time indicates that it is going to rain, then immediately close the window tightly. Add a thick curtain in front of the window to cover it, so as to trap the warmth that has entered the house.

Do not let heat dissipate through vents

You may expect cold air to come out of the house through air ventilation. If you have a habit of leaving the bathroom vent on, it’s good that you leave it during the rainy season. After finishing bathing, turn off the ventilation and open the bathroom door. Warm and humid air will help your home stay comfortable, and can make your room not dry.

Turn the ceiling fan upside down

In the dry season, you will certainly rotate the ceiling fan in the living room or family room to move forward to push cold air into the room. In the rainy season, you should reverse the direction of the fan by pressing the button on the fan head. The goal, so that the warm air in the ceiling of the room is distributed.