Types of Wood Commonly Used When Making Furniture

Wood is one of the most common base materials used throughout the world, especially for furniture needs. Each type of wood has its own characteristics, which in turn can provide a touch of warmth that is different and adds to the overall interior aesthetic. For those of you who want to know about the type of wood that is commonly used as a base for furniture, you can visit our website and also read more this article.

Beech is a type of solid wood that is hard, strong and heavy. Its appearance is often characterized by a brighter color, from white to light yellow with a fine grain of wood that is dense and evenly distributed. This beechwood also has a high resistance to damping or shock resistance. As wood for furniture, beech is a popular wood used especially for high-quality furniture with soft finishing and warm effect. To be durable and not easy to get dirty, many will provide a protective layer before use and you can visit this website https://celciusinteriors.ae/services/joinery-works-carpentry-dubai to get more information.

It doesn’t take much introduction to the type of oak wood, because oak wood is often heard even in the ears of ordinary people. It is hard, strong, and durable, making it a basic wood material for furniture that can be used for years. Its weight is also heavy and not easily cracked, although you must be careful of water exposure with oak wood. This is because the oak wood pores tend to be large with distinctive strokes. No wonder many paint the outer layer with polishing paint for protection while displaying their beautiful natural aesthetics. For example with Duco paint. Oakwood consists of two main colors, namely rather bright white oak and red oak with a light reddish-brown color. To get the best furniture, you van visit the Celcius Interiors website.

Maple wood
Maple wood has the basic characteristics of hard, heavy and moisture resistant. As a basic wood for furniture, maple wood can be present for many years without experiencing significant damage. Maple wood color is also bright and easily painted with other colors as a variation of household furniture. Aside from being a basic material for furniture, maple wood is also most often chosen as a material for musical instruments, such as high-value guitars and also wood for drums.

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